The concept for the JSBG was formed in late 2008. The idea of the JSBG is provide a forum in Brisbane, where Japanese speakers - both Australian and Japanese nationals - can gather on a regular basis, to converse in Japanese, in a business-level environment.

The aim of the group is thus twofold, to:

1/ provide a regular Japanese-language-only forum, and
2/ provide a forum where speakers of Japanese can meet in a business-like setting and discuss current topics relating to the Australia-Japan relationship, with a particular emphasis on Queensland-related business projects and cultural issues.


Currently, there are number of ad-hoc forums in Brisbane that cater to individuals wishing to exchange English and Japanese conversation. Primarily, these forums cater to the needs of students- both Australian and Japanese – with both English and Japanese language being used, in a casual environment, typically a pub or coffee shop.

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